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Pete Jones


I was a decent runner when I was at school but stupidly took up drinking & smoking instead of competing! Around 15 years ago I got back into running but found I’d slowed considerably over the years. After years of trying to get into the London marathon I finally succeeded in 2008 and managed three marathons that year. A couple of friends had both competed at Kona and the concept of attempting an Ironman had always seemed impossible. I turned 50 in 2011 and another friend asked me what I would do to mark the occasion and I said “do an Ironman” less than 12 months later, 3 days after my 50th I completed Ironman Wales in just under 14 hours having prepared with Tewkesbury Sprint and Windsor Olympic triathlons (and of course a hell of a lot of training!)

I joined TTG in 2012 and am on the race committee and became Chairman in 2017. I enjoy the Saturday bike sessions and open water swimming in the Summer.

Being a member of Tri Team Glos has not only offered me the opportunity to train and compete in a sport that I love, but has also enabled me to gain so much more in terms of friendship, support and encouragement. Having been persuaded to take on the role of Chair, I only hope that I can fufill the challenges that lay ahead whilst continuing the good work that has already been done.

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Grant Smith


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Paul Yeatman


I joined Tri Team Glos in 2009 when I was taking a 6 month break from running through injury to my Achilles. I was looking to undertake some worthwhile exercise whilst I rested, and a work colleague recommended the swim sessions. Having just about survived the swim sessions I began to enjoy it. I thought I was fit, as I had been running for years, but I soon realised fitness is all relative!

I soon got hooked as my fitness level increased and I undertook my first triathlon in Australia in 2010. Since then I have trained hard under the guidance of the club coaches. You can’t help but get fitter. I entered my first Ironman distance triathlon in July 2012 which was a tremendous experience and intend to compete the longer distance triathlons for the foreseeable future.

I took up the role of Treasurer in April 2012 and also now sit on the race committee. My only regret is that I didn’t join 20 years ago.

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Rachel Shaw


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Lindsay Lyes


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Daryl Stroud

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Wayne Mayer


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