Articles of Association

    1. The Club will be known as TRI TEAM GLOS (hereinafter referred to as “the Club.”)
    2. An elected Management Committee (hereinafter referred to as “the Committee”) will govern the Club.
    3. The Club shall have a President, who shall be appointed by the Committee subject to ratification by the EGM or AGM.
    4. The Club may have a Vice President (which may be multiple in number), who shall be appointed by the Committee.
    5. The President and the Vice President/s shall be two-year honorary appointments as described in the role profiles.
    1. To become a Club of triathlon excellence.
    2. To promote triathlon and associated activities in the County of Gloucestershire.
    3. To model equal opportunities best practice.
    4. To pursue the wishes of the membership.
    1. The Committee will comprise the following posts:
      • Chair
      • Vice Chair
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
      • Club Captain
      • Social Secretary
      • Press Secretary
      • Newsletter Editor
      • Member Representative
    2. The Committee is charged by the membership to run the affairs of the Club with integrity.
    3. The Committee will meet on at least four occasions annually, excluding the AGM.
    4. The Committee may appoint ad-hoc posts of a temporary nature lasting no more than one year.
    5. Committee meetings will be through the Chair and members will conduct themselves according to the normal rules of debate.
    6. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair or in his/her absence, another member of the Committee nominated by those present will chair the meeting.
    7. Decision-making within the Committee will be taken on a simple majority.
    8. The Chair has the authority to defer any issue to the next meeting for further consideration, before taking a vote.
    9. In the event of an issue being unresolved by the Committee it will be put to the membership.
    10. The quorum of the Committee will be five.
    11. Minutes of every meeting will be taken and kept in such location where all members of the Club can have access, without difficulty.
    12. Any member of the Club wishing to attend a meeting of the Committee, either to speak to an agenda item or to be an observer, may do so subject to the good order of the meeting.
    13. Appropriate fees for Club training sessions will be fixed by the Committee.
    14. The Committee will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    15. The Committee may exceptionally make such rules, outside the AGM, as from time to time appear essential, in the interests of safety and welfare of members. Any such ruling must be placed before the next following AGM for ratification.
    16. The Committee can discipline any member whom they consider is guilty of misconduct within the Club or who has brought the Club into disrepute. Any such member can appeal against disciplinary action to a disciplinary hearing.
    17. The Committee can suspend the membership of any person whom they consider has brought the Club into disrepute.
    1. The AGM will be held during the month of February.
    2. Members of the Committee will be elected on a simple majority by members of the Club present.
    3. Any member wishing to stand for a Committee post should send their seconded nomination to the Secretary prior to the AGM. This will not prevent however nominations for posts being sought at the AGM.
    4. Notice of the AGM will be given in sufficient time to allow items to be placed on the agenda.
    5. The Secretary must receive items for the agenda in writing at least seven days before the AGM.
    6. Only members of the Club may speak with reference to items on the agenda.
    7. The AGM will receive reports from the Chair, Treasurer, Club Captain and any other member of the Club as needs arise.
    8. The quorum of the AGM will be a minimum of 10% of the membership.
    9. The Articles of Association may only be altered or extended at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting but with the proviso of 3.15 above.
    10. Any rule or decision, excluding disciplinary matters against a member, adopted by the Committee can be challenged at the AGM.
    11. The venue of the AGM or an EGM will be in Gloucestershire and held at such a time and date as to be accessible to the majority of the membership.
    1. Any member of the Club may request the Committee to call an EGM. Notice, by the member, must be given in writing to the Committee. The written notice must be seconded by at least one other member and signed by that member(s).
    2. An EGM will only be held to deal with business that, in the view of the Committee, cannot without undue delay or prejudice to the Club or any member be deferred to the next following AGM.
    3. The Committee, in determining whether to call an EGM, will take account of the views of the membership, as can reasonably be ascertained.
    4. The Committee will respond, in writing, to the member(s) requesting an EGM, within 28 days of receiving the initial written notice. The response will summarise the outcome of the Committee‟s deliberations.
    5. At least 28 days‟ notice of an EGM will be given to the membership.
    6. The quorum of an EGM will be 10% of the membership.
    1. Members must be at least 15 years of age to join the senior club. Members of the junior section should be between 8 and 16 years old, however exceptions can be made at the discretion of the TTGYT management committee in order to facilitate their induction into the senior club.
    2. Acceptance of membership is subject to ratification by the Committee.
    3. The Committee can refuse membership to any person.
    4. Membership will automatically lapse if the membership fee for that year has not been paid by 30 June, unless the member can show extenuating circumstances. In any case, existing members must pay a full year’s subscription.
    1. A member disciplined by the Committee must be notified in writing, by registered post, within seven days of the decision. Any such member, who wishes to appeal to a disciplinary hearing must do so, in writing, to the Secretary of the Club within 14 days of receipt of the written disciplinary action.
    2. Disciplinary action by the Committee can be any one or combination of the following:
      • Suspension from membership pending a disciplinary hearing
      • Caution
      • No further action
    3. A disciplinary hearing must be held for any member who has been suspended or any disciplined member who wishes to appeal against the disciplinary action of the Committee.
    4. Notice of suspension will be given in writing, by registered post, to the member and shall continue until such time as disciplinary procedures are concluded or as appear equitable in the circumstances.
    5. Notification to hold a disciplinary hearing must be in writing and sent by registered post to the aggrieved member, at least 14 days before the hearing. The member may be accompanied by a friend or legally qualified person who may represent them.
    6. The disciplinary hearing will be adjudicated by a Panel, which will consist of two or more members of the Committee and a minimum of two „other members‟ of the Club. The panel may have legal representation if they so wish.
    7. The Committee and the aggrieved member will agree the two „other members‟ of the Panel. However, where it appears to the Committee that the selection of these „other members‟ is being frustrated, the Committee will have authority to nominate them.
    8. Findings of „proven wrongdoing‟ and any subsequent disciplinary action by the Panel must be unanimous. In the event of a split decision, the hearing will conclude „unproven wrongdoing‟. Where there is a unanimous decision in favour of the aggrieved member, the hearing will conclude „unfounded wrongdoing.‟ The decisions of the Panel are final.
    9. In relation to any issue of wrongdoing, the Panel will adopt the principle of “beyond reasonable doubt.” After a finding of „proven wrongdoing‟ the aggrieved member will be invited to show mitigating circumstances before consideration by the Panel of disciplinary action.
    10. Disciplinary action will be based on fairness, taking into account the interests of the aggrieved member, the membership and the sport of triathlon in general.
    11. The Panel‟s findings and disciplinary action, if any, will be notified in writing, by registered post, to the aggrieved member within 7 days of the decision. The reason for the decision will be summarised in the notification. The Panel may adjourn the hearing for a maximum of seven days, after a finding of „proven wrongdoing‟ and before adjudicating on any disciplinary action.
    12. Failure to attend the Panel by the aggrieved member without reasonable cause will not prevent the disciplinary hearing taking place in their absence. The aggrieved member is under no obligation to attend the hearing.
    13. The disciplinary hearing will be held in Gloucestershire. The venue will be decided by the Panel. It can either be in an informal or formal setting but at a time and date that gives reasonable access to all parties involved.
    14. The result of a disciplinary hearing, will be published in the newsletter, or other suitable Club medium, next following the conclusion of the hearing but after the aggrieved member has been informed. The text will be identical to that sent to the aggrieved member.
    15. Disciplinary action by the Panel may be any one or combination of the following:
      • Termination of membership
      • Suspension from membership
      • Caution
      • No further action
    16. Where disciplinary action is being taken against a member by the Governing Body (British Triathlon Federation), the Club will not take any disciplinary action of its own until such time as the former proceedings are finalised.
    17. The overall conduct of the disciplinary hearing will be in accordance with the General Principles of English Law.
  8. RULES
    1. The Club „year‟ will run from 1st April to 31st March.
    2. The Club will be affiliated to the Governing Body and agrees to abide by its rules.
    3. All contributions or other property of the Club shall be applied to the furtherance of the Club‟s objects or for any charitable purpose as determined by the Committee.
    4. In the event of dissolution, the funds remaining and assets shall be paid to a charity as determined at a General Meeting arranged for the dissolution of the Club.
    5. Membership fees and categories of membership will be agreed at the AGM. Fees will be adjusted tri-annually on a pro-rata basis. Fees and categories will appear on Application for Membership forms.
    6. Membership fees will be waived for the following members of the Management Committee whilst they are in office:
      • Chair
      • Secretary
      • Treasurer
    7. The Treasurer will keep standard books of accounts as will enable him/her to present at every AGM, or at any other time, if required by the Committee, an accurate report and statement concerning the finances of the Club.
    8. The financial year of the Club will end on 31st December each year, when the appointed auditor in preparation for the AGM will audit the books.
    9. The Secretary will keep written minutes of Club meetings and undertake such additional paper work as is appropriate to the post.
    10. All riders will wear securely fastened cycle helmets during a formal outdoor training session.
    11. Numbers attending swim training sessions will be at the discretion of the Committee but will endeavour not to exceed eight swimmers per lane average.
    12. Potential members of the Club may participate in all formal training sessions on one occasion without obligation to join. However, they will not be permitted to displace a member who wishes to swim.
    13. Members may also be a member of another triathlon club, providing that club does not have its base in Gloucestershire. When competing, in triathlon, in this geographical area, members of the Club will do so as „first claim‟ for Tri Team Glos.
    14. The Articles of Association will be published in the newsletter, or other suitable club medium, next following the AGM. Any member wanting a copy of this document may obtain same from the Secretary upon request.

Last updated 10th February 2011