Race information

Thank you for entering the 2020 TTG City of Gloucester Triathlon and a big thank you to our sponsors.  To make your day as enjoyable as possible and so that things run smoothly please read the following information carefully.

Race Number

Entry to this year’s event will close on Wednesday 20th May.  Upon closure we will allocate race numbers and post them on the website by Friday 22nd May.  Start times are based on your estimated  swim time which you told us when you entered our event. Slower swimmers will start first from 09:00 onwards with the quickest swimmers starting last. Please make a note of your race number as you will need to inform those at registration.


Registration will take place in the Brockworth Sports Centre sports hall from 8:00am to 12:00 noon on SUNDAY 24th MAY. Please enter the sports hall via the side door of the sports hall or from the front main sports centre entrance.  Please register at least 45 minutes before your start time.  BTF members must produce BTF licences or you will be charged £5 for a BTF day licence.  Non-BTF members will receive a BTF day licence at no additional cost as they paid the fee in their entry.  At registration you will receive your race number and bike tag and your number will also be written on your arm.  Please write an emergency contact telephone number on the back of your race number.  Please ensure your race numbers are clearly visible during the race.  Attach the bike label showing your race number to your bike before entering transition.


Will take place in the registration area – please ask at registration for briefing times


TriTeamGlos cares for the environment and we hope that competitors will help us to do this. In particular we have a no littering policy which applies throughout the event including transition. Any competitor who breaches this rule will be disqualified. Remember, if you can carry it full you can carry it empty!


Before entering transition, your bike and helmet will be checked. NO HELMET – NO RACE.  Please ensure that your bike is roadworthy, you will not be able to race if our marshalls consider your bike to be unsafe. In transition, rack your bike in your assigned space.  Please leave your equipment tidy.  You must have your race number with you at all times when entering transition or you will be refused entry.  You must also have your race number with you when you come to collect your bike or the marshal will not let you take it until all other bikes have been collected.  Transition is a secure area and will be marshalled at all times.


You will be given your timing chip and a swim hat on poolside.  The swim is 400 metres, 16 lengths of the pool for the SPRINT race and 200 metres, 8 lengths of the pool for the SUPER SPRINT.  Please arrive on the poolside at least 15 minutes before your start time. You will be asked to queue in race number order on the far side of the pool and wait to be called for your start.  You will be allocated a lane to swim in and issued a coloured swim hat. The swim starts in the water and only breaststroke and front crawl are allowed.  When you have 2 lengths remaining, the lap counters will inform you by using a board marked ‘2’ placed in the water at the end of your 14th length or 6th length for the super sprint.  It is however your responsibility to count and ensure you complete the correct number of lengths. When you have finished, leave your swim hat behind and leave via the marked door.  Do not run whilst in the pool area.


The bike course for the SPRINT is two laps totalling 28km.  The SUPER SPRINT is one lap totalling 14km. Helmets must be worn at all times.  Please ensure that your helmet is fastened before you remove your bike from the racking and not removed until the bike is re-racked.  Note the set up of entry and exit in transition, this is done to avoid accidents and keep things fair.  Push your bike out of the school grounds and follow the road round to the left all the way to the mounting box by the marshal.  There is a potentially hazardous junction at the bottom of Vicarage Lane turning left on to Ermin Street (you will ride through this junction twice in the SPRINT race).  The junction will be marshalled to minimise risk however you must slow down and proceed with caution. Also SPRINT entrants note that at the end of lap one you turn right at the roundabout and at the end of lap two turn left – see maps. SUPER SPRINT entrants turn left at the roundabout. Please ask at registration if you are unsure about these instructions. You should keep to the left at all times unless directed by the marshals. All turns will be marshalled and signage will also be provided. A limited mechanical repair facility will be available at the race transition area so you will need to be able to attend to any problems on the route. Marshalls should be notified if you need to retire from the event.


The run course for the SPRINT is two laps totalling 6km.  The SUPER SPRINT is one lap totalling 3km. Leave the transition area via the run exit.  Turn left onto the footpath and follow the road until the T-junction.  Turn left and then left again at the roundabout, follow this road and then turn left at the next T-junction and then left again at the roundabout using the footpath alongside the A46.  At the Mill Lane junction turn left back towards the sports centre.  SPRINT ONLY – Take a lap band from the marshal on completion of your first lap and continue past the sports centre, taking care to avoid other competitors leaving and entering.  Put the band around one of your wrists.  Repeat the first lap and as you approach the sports centre, follow directions towards the field and to the finish!

Results, Prize giving & Photos

Individual results will be available at the finish line after you have finished.  We intend to provide a full set of results via this link live on the day http://my6.raceresult.com/38916/results?lang=en# with live splits thanks to Rogueracer timing. The final results will available on the website on the same day or the following morning (www.triteamglos.co.uk).  Results announcements and prize giving will be made as quickly as possible after the last competitor has completed the race (within about 15 minutes). Charles Whitton Photography will be taking photographs of the event. Photographs can be viewed and purchased at www.charleswhittonphotography.com

Directions and parking

Brockworth Sports Centre is located between Cheltenham and Gloucester. Post code is GL3 4QF. From the M5 take junction 11a, follow the directions to Cirencester on the A417 bypass.  Exit at the first junction, signposted Brockworth, and turn right at the roundabout.  Move over into the right hand lane and take the first available right turn into Mill Lane.  When approaching the sports centre, please be aware of competitors that may already be on the course.   The main parking is clearly signposted and can be found past the sports centre on the right at Brockworth Rugby Club or further down on the left at a local council site.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD, as this road gets very congested with race traffic and parked cars make the whole area dangerous.

Site information & Water Station

We have full use of the sports hall changing and showering facilities at the sports centre.  A water station will be positioned on the pavement directly opposite transition

Refreshments are available throughout the day from Sweeney’s catering van.

Post-race massage will be available courtesy of Owensis Sports Therapy

Top tips for old and new

Before you start make sure you have read the health and safety notices on the notice board, walk the swim to bike and bike to run transition routes and make sure that you know your bike location.  Be on the poolside with plenty of time to spare.  You will be given a swim hat and timing chip on poolside.

Swim: You will be starting in the deep end, so make sure that your swim hat and goggles are firmly in place.  You may like to dip your goggles in the water to prevent them misting up.  Go steady on the first couple of lengths; think about the speed you can maintain in training.  If you are following a competitor of about the same speed, stay close behind, as you will be saving energy this way.  You may be tempted to overtake but be aware that it is much harder swimming on the front.  Save it for the bike and run. If you do wish to overtake then wait until the turn where slower swimmers should give way. You must count your own lengths, and on the final length think about the direction that you need to go when you leave the pool.  Remember to leave your swim hat.

Bike: Before racking your bike ensure that it is in a low gear and running smoothly.  Take great care getting on your bike, then build up to race pace as soon as possible.  Once you are pedalling smoothly, take a drink, especially if the weather is hot.  Pedal in a relatively easy gear, try to keep your cadence at about 90rpm and remember to change down a gear or two in the last mile to loosen off the muscles before the run.  Concentrate on your road position and be aware of the traffic around you at all times.  Remember – the bike is two laps!

Run: Your legs will not feel like your own for the first kilometre, this is normal, don’t panic!  Try to concentrate on your style and they will gradually come back to life.  Take your lap band on the first lap and wear it on your wrist. Concentrate on the competitors in front of you and aim to catch them, however make sure you leave enough for the run up to the finish.  It’s important to look good at the end, so pick your feet up and smile as you cross the line, no matter how much it hurts!

Post race: Take on board plenty of fluids, warm down and stretch.  Put some warm clothes on and maybe go for a massage.