General terms and conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to all events organised by Tri Team Glos.

  1. Parties – Tri Team Glos from this point forward will be referred to as ‘The Organiser’. All applicants from this point forward will be referred to as ‘The Applicant’. By entering any events held by The Organiser, The Applicant is agreeing to abide by the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Confirmation of entry – Completion of a transaction through the online payment system or cashing of The Applicant’s cheque confirms The Applicant’s place in the event.
  3. Race information – All race information relating to The Organiser’s events is available on Some details published in provisional race information may be subject to change. Planned changes will be on the website no later than one week prior to the event; however there may be some unplanned changes on the day that are beyond The Organiser’s control. It is the responsibility of competitors to access the relevant information prior to the event.
  4. Competitor withdrawal – Unfortunately we are unable to offer any refunds under any circumstances. Participants who fail to register for the Event will receive no refund or reserved entry for any future race or event.
  5. Swapping of entries – Swapping of entries is not allowed under any circumstances.
  6. Photography – The Organiser has the right to use photographs taken by the official photographer at the event without informing or recompensing The Applicant. These images can be used for promotional purposes such as media and website articles.
  7. Prizes – Prizes will be awarded in categories. Applicants who win a prize are required to attend the presentation in order to receive their prize. If The Applicant does not attend the prize giving, they are deemed to have foregone their right to the prize.
  8. Late entries – Entries submitted after the closing date will not be accepted.
  9. Event cancellation – If, for unavoidable circumstances, the event is cancelled The Organiser will issue a full refund to The Applicant.
  10. Right of refusal – The Organiser has the right to refuse or revoke entry to The Applicant where acceptance is considered by The Organiser to be likely to infringe upon the enjoyment of any persons connected with the event, including staff, marshals, volunteers and other Applicants.