Saturday Bike

30th April 2016 @ 9:00 am
Tesco’s, Cattle Market, Gloucester
St Oswalds Rd
Gloucester, Gloucestershire GL1 2SG
Saturday Bike @ Tesco’s, Cattle Market, Gloucester | Gloucester | United Kingdom

General Ride info

The aim of the “Saturday Club ride” is to provide a safe welcoming environment where club members can come together and cycle in a ‘Group Ride’, with members of a similar ability, therefore providing the opportunity for each member to improve both their cycling ability and fitness.

The Saturday ride is free to all members, who are welcomed irrespective of their ability. All members who participate, do so at their own risk and as such will not hold ‘Tri Team Glos’, their Group Leaders or any fellow members, liable for any loss, damage to equipment or personal injury. All members must adhere to the ‘Highway Code’ when on the public highway and all ‘Group rides’ will adopt a strict “no drop” policy (i.e. no-one will be left behind on their own).

These rides are not coached sessions and as such the individuals who lead the groups are not there to coach cycling.


Newcomers are most welcome. All newcomers, irrespective of their ability, will be asked before attending their first “Group Ride”, to undertake a Tri Team Glos cycling induction. This will be arranged by CONTACTING the club secretary and take place at a mutually convenient time.

The following key points will be covered during the induction:

  • Safety when cycling in a group.
  • Essential equipment.
  • Assessing the individual’s cycling skills and fitness.

Note: Newcomers can participate in one taster session after completing the TTG induction; thereafter, TTG membership is required.

TTG Saturday Group Ride

The Saturday group ride is split into three levels based on fitness, skill and individual ability.

Each group ride is led by a Cycle Group Leader. The type of training is based on ‘Periodization’. This is an organised approach, which involves progressive cycling during a specific period. It is a way of alternating various types of training, right up to the start of the racing season.

The distance and terrain covered by these rides will help to develop a rider’s strength and endurance, required for triathlon racing.

Group 1

This is a moderate to fast ride of 50 to 70 miles, aimed at fit cyclists.

Group 2

This is a ride which is usually aimed between 40 to 55 miles, with the purpose of improving the individual’s cycling ability through shared experiences, helping members to ride more effectively and efficiently.

Group 3

This is a ride of 30 to 45 miles at a steady pace, usually with a coffee stop. Whilst this group has a core of regular members who prefer the more relaxed pace than that of G2/G3, it welcomes members who may be new to the club or starting from a low base and have little or no experience of riding in a group, with the aim of improving this, and their cycle fitness.