Tri Team Glos - The Triathlon Club of Gloucestershire

Race action, Week ending 7th August, Results

A great weekend of racing was had by many of the team. Unfortunitly not for my me! (Grant), but never mind. Ironman Regensburg was apprently a bit of wash out whether wise, but I'm sure it was great event in any case. All our team got home safe and if I'm reading the times correctly it would seem the run must of been pretty exciting with our members overtaking each other at various steps.


Kevin May - Swim: 01:06:37, T1: 00:03:22, Bike: 05:10:57, T2: 00:05:06, Run: 03:22:15.
Total time: 09:48:18.
Phil Carpenter - Swim: 01:28:39, T1: 00:10:03, Bike: 06:14:22, T2: 00:07:40, Run: 04:24:49.
Total time: 12:25:36.
Duncan Nottingham - Swim: 01:23:42, T1: 00:05:36, Bike: 05:43:07, T2: 00:06:42, Run: 05:10:17.
Total time: 12:29:26.
Steve French - Swim: 01:12:10, T1: 00:09:23, Bike: 06:12:29, T2: 00:13:08, Run: 04:51:04.
Total time: 12:38:16.

A fantastic effort by all, some cracking results to be proud of.

London Hyde Park Triathlon

This was a superb event and I was incredibly disappointed to not be taking part. Friday night, and regardless of what the gossips among you have been saying, yes I heard . I fainted, hitting my head off the toilet and as I went down, managing to also knock myself out in the process. Needless to say, this scared Karla quite considerably, and after about 4 hours in A&E I decided racing Sunday probably wasn't a great idea. Onwards and upwards, Richard stepped in for team TTG at a minutes notice.

The two teams were now Jane Wood and Richard Read, aka Grant Smith! David Browning and Sally Poll. David Horne was also racing.

In support from TTG were Angela (who had raced the day before, claiming a four position no less!), Bill, Jacky and myself.

I will let one of the others give a race report as I can only comment on the spectating side of things which were fantastic, it was very easy to get to all parts of the course and the marshals were very helpful in pointing you in the right direction. This event is one of the only events in the Olympics you can watch for free, so a trip down next year to support our teams is definitely on the cards.


David Horne - Swim: 00:29:25, T1: 00:03:39, Bike: 01:09:47, T2: 00:01:49, Run: 00:41:18.
Total time: 02:25:58.
Sally Poll - Swim: 00:23:11, T1: 00:03:47, Bike: 01:16:44, T2: 00:02:07, Run: 00:50:18.
Total time: 02:36:07.
David Browning - Swim: 00:33:16, T1: 00:03:55, Bike: 01:12:51, T2: 00:02:06, Run: 00:44:33.
Total time: 02:36:41.
Richard Read - Swim: 00:34:45, T1: 00:05:35, Bike: 01:17:00, T2: 00:02:50, Run: 00:54:14.
Total time: 02:54:24.
Jane Wood - Swim: 00:29:09, T1: 00:03:47, Bike: 01:36:18, T2: 00:02:33, Run: 00:53:19.
Total time: 03:05:06.

Great results all round, and a massive thank you goes out to Richard for dropping everything and racing for the team.